What builds a Champion® Greatness

The expanded lx series

At Champion®, one victory isn't enough. That's why we've invested more than 250,000 hours of design, research and testing to bring you the expanded LX Series Residential Systems, with models featuring higher SEER ratings and advanced, inverter-driven modulating technology for enhanced efficiency. Combining maximum performance with affordability, every component of the new Champion® LX Series Residential Systems is built to keep you firmly in the lead.

  • ENERGY STAR® qualified 16 SEER models can reduce energy costs as much as 38% compared to older, 10 SEER units.
  • Two-stage compressor and two-stage gas heating provide consistent comfort while reducing energy consumption (electric heat above 10 kW also has staging capability).
  • Advanced control options include Residential Communicating Control and Wi-Fi®-enabled touch-screen for energy-saving precision and greater convenience.
  • Simplified installation with single- and dual-source power options, 1-inch or 2-inch filter kits, curb transition accessories and easy field conversion for horizontal supply or down-flow supply airflow.
  • Removable front, top and side panels provide separate access for refrigeration and heat compartments to reduce installation and service time.
  • Long-lasting performance ensured by extreme weather testing (temps from 125°F down to -10°F) and more than 250,000 hours of research, design and development.
  • Enhanced efficiency with new 17 SEER cooling models that can save up to 41 cents per dollar versus older, 10 SEER models, and that may also qualify for a utility rebate.
  • Modulating technology on 16 SEER heat pumps that offer quieter operation, improved efficiency and more consistent comfort.
  • Advanced MicroChannel coils for more cooling in a smaller footprint and models featuring reliable tube-in-fin evaporator coils with long-lasting copper tubing are available.
  • Long-lasting, powder-coat paint maintains durable corrosion and mar resistant automotive-quality finish that looks great for years.
  • Compact cabinet depth of just 20.5 inches eases installation and also includes a patented, integral rack for standard 1-inch filters.
  • High-efficiency blower uses an ECM multi-speed motor to circulate air effectively and quietly for improved comfort.
  • Precision cabinet construction meets strict requirements against air infiltration to save energy.
  • Advanced single-piece or modular units provide a perfect match for the system to ensure quiet, efficient operation.
  • Efficient heat transfer with MaxAlloy™ aluminum coils in most models to deliver lasting performance, efficiency and reliability.
  • Hygienic base pan design featuring a low-retention, positive-slope design removes coil condensate to ensure healthy indoor air.
  • Long-lasting, powder-coat paint maintains durable corrosion and mar resistant automotive-quality finish that looks great for years.
  • Champion® touch-screen thermostat with proprietary* hexagon interface features an easy-to-use, 2.8-inch capacitive touch-screen.
  • Smartphone-based, Wi-Fi®-capable remote control via Thermostat 280 app provides complete control at home or away.
  • Compatible with both conventional and communicating home comfort systems, including Champion® LX Series Split Systems.
  • Easy setup and over-the-air updates ensure efficient, reliable operation with the latest updates received automatically.


A system for every home.

Designed, engineered and assembled in the United States, Champion® LX Series Residential Systems are easier to sell, set up and service. By boldly pushing further, delivering advanced technology options with smaller footprints and easy-access service areas that save you time, we’ve developed a product line that puts you ahead of the competition. It’s how we’re winning again.